Seed paper memorial gift

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This seed paper memorial gift is such a nice way for friends and family to remember their loved one.  The design is printed onto mixed flower seed paper and is A6 (postcard) size.  The seed paper will be chosen from what is available at the time of ordering but whichever paper it is, there will be a good scattering of flower seeds throughout the paper.  This paper is almost card-like, being quite thick, although it can vary from sheet to sheet.  The photograph shows the paper as containing forget-me-not seeds but we can no longer print on the forget-me-not paper, so the paper mix will be various flowers.

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How to plant seed paper memorial gifts

Seed paper planting instructions

It is advisable to plant the paper onto a pot of compost rather than directly into the soil, to avoid snails, slugs and mice feasting on the seeds or seedlings!  Run the paper under the tap and then place it on top of a pot of compost.  Cover with another light layer of compost and water well.  Place somewhere warm and light to germinate and do not let the paper dry out.  Planting instructions will be included at the bottom of the sheet of seed paper.  We have tested all the papers we supply a number of times and they always germinate.


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