10 Sheets A5 Forget-Me-Not Seed Paper

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These are thick A5 sheets of Forget-me-not seed paper –  quality recycled cotton and paper card embedded with Forget-me-not seeds, made especially for us.  This paper is perfect for cutting your own memorial gifts from, or maybe print the Order of Service onto other paper and lightly attach to this seed card for guests to plant in memory of your loved one.  Planting instructions are included in the packaging.

Forget-me-nots are nectar sources for pollinating insects.  They are small blue flowers with yellow centres and are produced in abundance.  They also self-seed well so you will get them elsewhere in the garden each year!

How to Plant Forget-me-not Seed Paper

Seed paper planting instructions

The seed paper can be grown directly outside or in a pot of compost, although much more success will be  achieved if planted in pots as the risk of creatures eating the seeds and seedlings is reduced!  Simply place the paper on top of a pot of compost and water thoroughly.  Place the pot somewhere warm and light to germinate and, very important, do not let the paper dry out.  Once the seedlings are a decent size you can plant them out in the garden in sun or semi-shade.

Some Forget-me-not Facts

Forget-me-notsForget-me-nots are biennial – so they set seed one year and flower the next. 

Forget-me-nots were the emblem of Henry of Lancaster (later Henry IV) who believed that whoever wore it would not be forgotten.  The Latin name (myosotis) comes from the word for mouse ear, which the leaves tend to resemble.

In German folklore, a knight picked Forget-me-not for his love as they walked by a river.  He tripped and fell in but before he drowned he threw his love the flowers and cried  “Forget me not!”

Christian legend tells of Adam naming the plants and missing out Forget-me-not, who asked what she was called.  He replied, “You shall be my Forget-me-not”.  The plant is one of the Medieval key flowers to secret caves where treasure lay – press the flower against the hill, mountainside, whatever, and the walls will open.  Blacksmiths kept a bunch in their forge to protect horses from injury.

In the language of flowers, Forget-me-nots symbolise enduring love.

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