Eco-friendly DIY wedding and party supplies, seeded and recycled papers

We are passionate about the environment and the plight of our native British wildflowers, butterflies, bees and other insects.  We want to do our little bit to help by encouraging people to grow more nectar-rich flowers and to use recycled papers and eco-friendly stationery – all to help save our beautiful planet.

On our website you will find tree-free lokta products made in Nepal, lots of recycled products, plantable seed papers and other miscellaneous accessories for crafting, card-making, DIY wedding stationery and so on.  We also have an eco-wedding business supplying the products you will find on this website, but also recycled seed packet wedding favours and plantable seed paper wedding stationery – if you have stumbled across our paper site whilst looking for wedding products then please do nip on to that website too via the menu at the top of the page.

In addition, we also supply business and charities with recycled seed packets and seed paper products for promotional purposes – please visit our dedicated promotions site for further information.

Eco Business Ethos – Wildflower Memories

We want to spread the word about wildflowers and how important they are to biodiversity.  Some insects rely on only one species of wildflower, for example, and once that wildflower becomes extinct or severely endangered, then so does the life of that insect species.  Growing wildflowers in your garden is a small but important step in helping our native wildlife.  After all, every little helps!  Our blogs will often relate to these issues so we hope you will find them of interest.

We recycle all packaging we receive so don’t be surprised if your order arrives in a pre-used box or package!  We also minimise our use of packaging as much as we can so if, for example,  you ordered 3 of something you might find it all in one package rather than 3.  Far too much packaging goes to landfill and it is so unnecessary.  We hope you will also recycle further any packaging you receive from us!

We also compost any paper offcuts etc that can’t be reused.

Our customer service is brilliant, if we say so ourselves – we treat our customers as we would wish to be treated ourselves.  We are very friendly so please do call or email if you have any queries.  We are also quite a sociable bunch so please do chat with us via Twitter or Facebook and please do like our Facebook page!

bouquet of wildflowers