Beautiful Wildflower Memorial Gifts

Funerals are a very sad time but they are also a time for celebrating and remembering the life of the departed.

Our wildflower seed packets and plantable seed paper are the perfect gift for funeral guests to take home and plant – the flowers produced will provide a long and lasting memory of your loved one.  Our memorial gifts are not only eco-friendly but good for our British butterflies, bees and moths, providing them with much needed sources of nectar.

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  • Seed Packet Memorial Gifts

    Seed Packet Memorial Gifts (7)

    These seed packets are a lovely way to remember your loved one. We have designs on white seed packets or 80% recycled manilla packets. All designs are personalised.

  • Plantable Paper Memorial Gifts

    Plantable Paper Memorial Gifts (8)

    These plantable paper memorial gifts are very eco-friendly and easy to plant. Once planted they will be a growing reminder of your loved one - leave the seed heads on after flowering and they will shed seed around the garden or in their pot and grow again next year.

bouquet of wildflowers